What will McShane accomplish?

Steve has made it very clear from day one that he is running to make Salinas safer and more business friendly. His plan for Salinas is as follows:

Greater safety through Neighborhood Watches:

When neighbors know one another beyond the brand of car they drive, they are more likely to look out for one another. More importantly, they can play a more active role in keeping their neighborhoods safe. Steve is the co-founder and past-president of the Los Olivos – Riker Neighborhood Association (www.lorneighborhood.com) where this idea has worked beautifully. He has networked dozens of neighborhood associations to create and co-found the Salinas Neighborhood Council (www.salinasneighborhoods.org). This concept will continue to fight crime at no expense to taxpayers.

A Business Friendly City:

As a businessman, Steve knows first hand that Salinas has a lot of work to do to create an image that is “business friendly”. Countless local business leaders and even Forbes Magazine have given Salinas poor marks when it comes to growing jobs. This is because for years, Salinas has had a little or no business leadership elected to the City Council. Outside of the mayor, our elected council comes from careers in the public sector. Steve seeks to diversify the discussion and bring a business voice to the Salinas government. Further, he is ready to work first hand to recruit businesses to Salinas.

• Community Leader
• Successful Businessman
• Planning Commissioner