McShane for Salinas City Council
Candidate Statement 7-30-18

Name:  Steve McShane
Age:  44
Occupation:  Business Owner & City Councilman

We deserve a safe City and a City that has adequate housing, great roads and opportunities for residents. I serve as your City Councilman for these reasons and ask for your vote.

I have led efforts for improved police and fire services. I have delivered on more funding for housing, roads, sidewalks and street trees.  I also am a strong supporter of our youth, parks, libraries and after school programs.

We are building new police and library facilities. I’m proud to say we are spending more on housing, infrastructure & strong neighborhoods as well.  I have ushered in funding for downtown improvements and established the City’s first Arts Commission.

I see my role on the City Council as community service and nothing more. I am a family man and advocate for a strong city one neighbor at a time.

Salinas has a bright future. It just takes the right leadership. I’m prepared to offer my best skills to ensure safety, adequate housing and streets that don’t destroy your car.

I would appreciate your vote and invite you to contact me via or (831) 970-4141 or