Endorsements 2014

Steve McShane is Supported By:

    • -The Monterey Weekly

And while McShane waffled on what kind of public-safety tax to support (general versus specific), there’s no fiercer council advocate for neighborhood improvement. We say, keep them. Click here for full article.

    • -The Californian
    • -Salinas Chamber of Commerce

 McShane has proven his love for the City of Salinas by putting his ample energy and creativity to work on behalf of the city. He was a founder of the Salinas Taxpayers Association, as well as a leading voice in dealing with graffiti and promoting neighborhood councils. He is an advocate for responsive government and for using technology to help solve problems. We support McShane’s re-election as an important business-friendly voice on the Council.  Click here to view letter.

    • -Salinas Municipal Employees Association (SEIU #521)
    • – Monterey County Deputy Sheriff’s Association

McShane has the experience in leadership Salinas needs, and his track record proves public safety is of the utmost importance while also keeping in mind the economic hardships that have affected our community. Click here to view letter.

    • – Monterey County Association of Realtors
    • – Salinas Firefighters Association
    • – Monterey County Hospitality Association

Our Association believes that Steve’s goals and priorities, combined with his experience and leadership clearly qualifies him for this position.

    • – Alan Styles, Former Salinas Mayor
    • – Shawn Bakker, Salinas Planning Commissioner
    • – Amanda Bakker

Steve is the kind of grassroots, neighborhood-based leader Salinas needs. He put his words into action when he stood behind our community project from its inception. He is an advocate for parks, families, and small businesses, and he has our full support.

    • – Simon Salinas, Monterey County Surpervisor
    • – Steve Bernal, Candidate for Monterey County Sheriff 2014
    • – LuAnn Meador, Board Member, Salinas Valley Leadership
    • – Sandra Whittle, Business Owner

Steve is the right person to represent District 3. As a businessman Steve understands budgets and people. And did I mention he loves Salinas! His love of Salinas shows by his involvement, his responsiveness to not only his constituents but to the entire city.

    • – Nicolas Pasculli, Business Owner
    • – Maureen Wruck
    • – Rick Phinney, Salinas Businessman
    • – Nicole Lamb-Willis
    • – Lou Cervantes, Chair, Salinas Library, Parks & Community Services Commission
    • – Russ Jefferies, Former Salinas Mayor
    • – Jim & Geri Gattis
    • – Vince Ferrante, Moss Landing Harbor Commissioner
    • – Robin Lee
    • – Dr. Gary Klugman
    • – Ginny Klugman
    • – Larry Bussard
    • – Jim Rear
    • – Caleb & Lisa Randall
    • – Anthony Cannella, State Senator
    • – Joe Gunter, Salinas Mayor

    • – Dennis Donohue, Former Mayor of Salinas

    • – Tony Barrera, Salinas City Councilman
    • – Kimbley Craig, Salinas City Council Woman
    • – Mat Nohr, Salinas Planning Commissioner

    • – Chris Steinbruner, Former Chair, Salinas Planning Commission
    • – Ken Cuneo, Pacific Grove City Council Member
    • – Gary Gerbrandt, Former Soledad Mayor
    • – Monterey County Republican Party
    • – Victor Gomez, Councilman, City of Hollister
    • – Linda English, Former City Councilwoman, City of Morgan Hill
    • – Brian Higgins, Vice Chair, Salinas Library and Community Services Commission
    • – Rosie Kuzmicz, Co-Chair of Salinas United
    • – Jose Martinez-Saldana, Executive Director, Salinas United Business Assoc.
    • – Nicole Petitt, Business Development Manager
    • – Victoria Rossi, Sponsorship Coordinator, CA Rodeo Inc.
    • – Christopher King, President, Culver City Rotary Club
    • – Ben Strickland

Steve McShane is a man which all people who aspire to run for political office can look up to as a role model and a leader. Salinas is a better community for having Steve McShane.
– Ben Strickland

    • – Gregory J. Yancey, Retired Peace Officer, Community Leader
    • – Elizabeth Fuller, Consultant, CA State Assembly
    • – Josh Kuzmicz, Correctional Officer
    • – Tammy Lewis, Business Owner
    • – John Lewis, Business Owner
    • – Frank Savino, Business Owner

Waking up at 1:00 am to a call from Steve, “Savino I have a great idea we’re gonna do blah blah blah” and that’s how it starts. Steve is amazing at capturing your attention and service!
– Frank Savino

    • – Cristal Clark, Business Owner
    • – Christine Schaefer, Business Owner
    • – Fred DeYoung, Business Owner
    • – Martha DeYoung
    • – Ryan Gauger, Business Owner
    • – Greg Hamer, Business Owner
    • – Jamie Bundy, Business Owner
    • – Peter Kasavan, President, Kasavan Architects
    • – Peter Andresen, Investment Advisor, Business Owner
    • – Thomas Lucas, Business Owner
    • – Susan Shaw, Former Business Owner
    • – Michael Herrier, Finance Consultant – Notary Public

I have known Steve for many years and have worked with him on several occassions. He is honest, hardworking and dedicated to this community and doing the right thing. He truly has what’s best for this city at heart.
– Michael Herrier

    • – Katie Murphy-Bayne, Development Manager

Prior to moving out of the area, I had the opportunity to work with Steve on many projects. I have found his enthusiasm and compassion to be something that is lacking in many of today’s politicians. Steve genuinely cares about the people and the issues in his local community and is a visible and approachable public figure. I whole-heartedly support Steve McShane in his continued pursuit to making Salinas a better place for everyone.
– Katie Murphy-Bayne

    • – Matthew Spiegl, Attorney
    •  – Kelly Sutherland, Attorney
    • – Lloyd Lowrey, Attorney
    • – Thomas Dominy, Businessman
    • – Andy  Boggeri, Businessman
    • – Don Ostini, Ag Consultant
    • – Denise Beasley, Office Manager, The Nunes Company
    • – Rose Clark, Realtor
    • – Larry Hosford, Professional Musician
    • – Carolyn Edman, HR Consultant
    • – Kevin McWilliams
    • – Al Amaral, Retired
    • – Rose Amaral, Retired
    • – Donald Jones, Retired
    • – Donna Boyster

Steve is an honest and dedicated person. He is all about community, city, and helping to make things better.
– Donna Boyster

    • – Brielle Bumba

Steve is a man of big ideas and he understands the city of Salinas’ role in our county and our county’s role in the state.
– Brielle Bumba

    • – Nicole Capps
    • – Eric Andresen
    • – Dave Clark
    • – Kirk Eckhardt

Steve McShane is one of the most genuine and honest people I know. His positive attitude is infectious!
– Kirk Eckhardt

    • – Jesi Eckhardt

The first time I met Steve in person, he brought a basket of organic strawberries to my place of employment. Nothing but the best. That same kind of care is present in Steve‘s desire to serve Salinas!
– Jesi Eckhardt

    • – Dexter Farm
    • – Rick Fedelem
    • – Alan French
    • – Leticia Gascoin-Ruffie
    • – Rick Giffin
    • – Berniz House
    • – Ruth Krotzer

    • – Mark McAuliffe
    • – Wayne McDaniel
    • – Hannah Plummer
    • – Laura Powers
    • – Mike Powers
    • – Allison Roberson
    • – Wayne Schapper

I did not support Steve four years ago, but his performance has changed my mind.
– Wayne Shapper

    • – Cynthia Shaffer
    • – Sam Frankovich
    • – Amy Nohr
    • – Ken Steen
    • – Jaime Bowker
    • – Betty Turner

Steve is committed to any project he takes on. He has loads of energy. He loves Salinas and cares about everyone who lives here.
– Betty Turner

    • – Bill Turner

Steve had a positive vision for Salinas. He is energetic and a committed councilman.
– Bill Turner

    • – Claudia Villalobos
    • – Brad Mazen
    • – Sandy Whittle
    • – Jared Wiegand, Auto Repair
    • – Landon Wolf
    • – Michael Gross
    • – Mali Cuda
    • – Daniel Mitchell
    • – Karen Leonhard
    • – Fred Forgnone
    • – Kathy Forgnone
    • – Susan Miller
    • – Ron Miller
    • – Mikel Miller
    • – Dean Callendar
    • – Kristin Callendar
    • – Robert Graham

Steve is the kind of leadership Salinas needs and I will always be there to support him and vote for him. Thank You Steve McShane.
– Robert Graham

    • – Shannon Graham

Steve’s passion for bringing out the best in Salinas is inspiring.
– Shannon Graham

    • – Butch Francis
    • – Alice Gates-Wilcox
    • – Hazel Tompkins
    • – Christie Savinon

Steve is one of the positive people I know. We need his upbeat positivity to continue.

    • – Norm Groot
    • – Thomas Mill
    • – Frances Mill
    • – John Musni
    • – Mike Nolan
    • – Russ Wilcox

The guy who walks the walk!

  • – Deloris Higgins
  • – Laura Powers
  • – Mike Powers
  • -Steve Furtado, President Salinas Firefighters Association

Steve takes the time to educate himself on the needs of the City of Salinas, and he understands the requirements of the Salinas Fire Department in order for us to best serve our residents and guests. He is a strong advocate for the community regarding their need for public safety, streets, parks, arts & culture and bringing in new business. We look forward to working with Steve, and as your Firefighters, we ask that you vote for him on November 4th.

  • -Nick Pasculli

Steve is dedicated to making things better for the people and businesses of Salinas. He is setting an example for city leadership and management, an example others ought to follow

  • -Casey Cope

Steve’s enthusiasm is infectious and his passion for this community is evident. I think he is tremendous at envisioning a brighter future then building teams to execute the vision. Salinas needs Steve. Period.

  • -Deborah Wenzler, Business Owner

Passion and dedication to leadership – two words that aptly describe Steve McShane.

  • -KK Roberts, Business Consultant

Steve’s honesty, integrity, dedication, and caring for every individual in our community goes way above and beyond the norm. I voted for him four years ago and am very proud to do so again!

  • -Randy Rios

I appreciate his positive energy on City Council and his endless enthusiasm for bettering our community. Steve Loves Salinas and it Shows!

  • -Berniz House

Steve’s enthusiasm for Salinas is unmatched. There is no other civic leader that speaks of the importance placed on arts and culture.