Letters to the Editor

Dear Ms. Ball:

I appreciate the attention the Salinas Californian has committed to this year’s local elections. I attended the The General Election Forum at the National Steinbeck Center and responded to an invitation by City Councilman Steve McShane to get more involved in our community. I must say while I have followed Steve from afar and appreciate his vision for Salinas, I’ve come to know him as a genuine and hard working community leader. Steve brings to the City Council a strong voice for small business and public safety. Most important of all, Steve brings vision. Too often people think of Salinas as a small town. Leaders like Steve break us from that idea and set our sights on something so much bigger. He has my support for City Council.


Bridgette Marie Ruston, Salinas, CA


I have known and worked with Steve for a few years now. It would be hard to find someone more dedicated to Salinas. From his service in the rotary and neighborhood groups, to great events like Salinas Valley Food & Wine, Steve is an integral part of this community. He reaches out to his constituents when debating an issue in City Hall. He is available to hear people’s ideas and concerns. He is a major catalyst for change and progress in Salinas and the greater area and that is why I support his re-election.

Jordan Caballero, Salinas Resident


Steve McShane: A True Neighbor

We are lucky enough to be neighbors with Councilman Steve McShane. We are very thankful for all of the work he has done to help organize our neighborhood association. From what we have seen from him, he is a true neighbor to all of District 3, in fact, all of Salinas!

Steve is readily accessible and gives out his personal cell number and email to everyone. It also seems as if he is in attendance at every community event, often volunteering or overseeing.

The city of Salinas pays its elected officials a pittance, and I’d have to agree that Steve is not a full time councilman. He is a councilman 24/7 and puts his heart and sole into our community. I encourage you to join us in voting for Steve McShane for Salinas City Council!

Dana Barneby, Salinas Resident



My name is Sharolyn Haulcy-Robinson, and I have lived in Salinas now for more than sixteen years, and I have known Steve McShane more than ten years now.  I first met him while I was a student trustee at Hartnell College.  He was a committed Trustee and did great work for the District.  While on City Council, Steve has shown his commitment and incredible drive to put Salinas on the map.  I’m delighted to see he is still connected to Hartnell.  I frequently see him at College events and am thrilled by the partnership he has developed with an event called the Salinas Valley Ag Technology Summit.  He has my full support for re-election.

Mrs. Sharolyn Haulcy-Robinson, Salinas Resident



I would like to issue my public support for Councilman Steve McShane.

As a resident of South Salinas, I have seen first-hand the work that Steve has done to create stronger and safer neighborhoods. His work has not only facilitated stronger communication within neighborhoods but throughout the entire city.

As the owner of a small local business, Cowboy Sausage, Steve has gone out of his way to take time to discuss the issues and challenges that I face daily. He has personally called me to invite me to critical city meetings on issues that he knew would affect my business. I honestly have no idea when he sleeps!

I hope that the members of District 3 will join me in supporting Steve McShane for Salinas City Council. We simply cannot afford the inexperienced alternative at this critical time in the Salinas Renaissance.

Butch Francis, Salinas Resident


I am proud to throw my support for Salinas City Council behind Steve McShane. I have been lucky enough to meet Steve through my work with many community organizations and community events. Steve is the founder of the Salinas Valley Food and Wine Festival. The festival brings much needed traffic and positive attention to Salinas and our Oldtown Business District. The festival is only one example of his leadership in this valley. I’ve see him volunteer in so many capacities, I don’t know how he keeps up.

Steve is passionate about our community, and making it better through community involvement rather than always focusing on wasting our limited tax dollars. I hope you’ll join me in voting for Steve McShane.

Allison Roberson, Salinas Resident


I was born and raised in Salinas. I am proud to say that I will continue to follow my career goals and passion here in our community. I came to know Steve McShane when I volunteered at the Salinas Valley Food and Wine Festival in 2012. At the end of 2012, I really got to know Steve when I interviewed him regarding the plastic bag ban for a course I took at CSU Monterey Bay. My first impression of Steve was approachable, easy to talk to, and he’s nice. And that’s what I commonly heard, “Yeah, Steve’s nice.”

Within this year (2014), I was reacquainted with Steve through Save Our Shores (SOS). Steve is not only “nice.” He is a genuine, caring leader on the City Council. He volunteered with SOS at our beach cleanups and was a deciding vote in the City’s decision to ban plastic bags. He has boundless energy and interest in sustainability that will help our businesses and community thrive. Steve McShane definitely has my support for re-election to the Salinas City Council.

Sarah DeVilla, Salinas Resident



In the not so distant past, special interests driven have the accomplishments of Salinas City Council. Local small business was overlooked and taken for granted, and our jobs and economy has suffered. Four years ago, we were lucky enough to have Steve McShane elected to our City Council.

As a small business owner, I am grateful for the changes that he has helped bring about to make Salinas more business friendly. With him on the council, I know this trend will continue for the next four years.

What impresses me most is that Steve not only does what is best for District 3, but rather all of Salinas. In just under four years, Steve has spear-headed a drive to help create countless neighborhood groups to make Salinas safer. I can’t remember a local event where I haven’t seen him, he gets out in the community not only to volunteer, but to meet the residents and learn their needs I encourage you to join me in supporting Steve McShane for Salinas City Council. Our community needs more leaders like him!

Kevin Pedersen, Salinas Resident


It’s funny that Jeff Mitchell has reported the Elizabeth Martinez fiasco all along as factual, when he’s only heard one side of the story from Elizabeth Martinez. Then in his opinion column on September 13, he again demands that the other people in the room “come clean” on what happened in the meeting.

Is Jeff Mitchell admitting he knows her story is fabricated? We all know it is, but unfortunately columns get written without facts and collaborating sources all the time now.

If that meeting caused Elizabeth Martinez $400k worth of suffering, Mitchell owes Craig, McShane and Barrera millions for the antics he writes about

Sandra Whittle, Salinas Resident