Strong fire and police services for every resident is our greatest responsibility. As your Councilman, I will be sure our men and women in uniform should be well supported with modern facilities and equipment. I also believe residents play a key role in public safety through neighborhood watch and neighborhood building activities.

Housing & Homelessness

I am committed to working closely with the County of Monterey to address our homeless population with the right resources and attention. Salinas is experiencing sky-rocketing rents and some of the worst homelessness in Monterey County. We must increase housing inventory for our local population with support for all levels of income.

Roads & Sidewalks

Salinas has hundreds of miles of roads & sidewalks that need more attention. I am committed to setting aside adequate resources to fix this. I support accessing state and federal grants to supplement local funding for such projects.

Economic Development

I am a small business owner and an advocate for better job prospects. I am a huge proponent of our efforts to lead the world in agricultural technology. A skilled workforce is a workforce that can provide more for their family and ultimately raise the entire City’s standard of living.

Arts & Culture

I’ve always said that a City without arts and culture is a City without a soul. I believe arts and culture also serves as a means to keep youth engaged resulting in positive growth for the community.


My Platform is based firmly upon my belief in this city as a whole. My vision for Salinas goes beyond the mechanical functions of Government and into the human element. When we begin to develop vibrant communities rich in culture and personal relationships, the city will become greater than it has ever been. My goal in office is simply to help government foster opportunities for the people so that they can make, and continue to make, a city worthy of their pride.

I made my platform simple on purpose. Of course, there is much more to find out about me and my mission. Please explore the website more, subscribe to our newsletter, or join us for one of our upcoming events. You are the reason I am in office and reason I want to be here, so don’t be shy!