Elect Steve McShane


Candidate Statement

We deserve a safe City and a City that has adequate housing, great roads and opportunities for residents. I serve as your City Councilman for these reasons and ask for your vote.

I have led efforts for improved police and fire services. I have delivered on more funding for housing, roads, sidewalks and street trees. I also am a strong supporter of our youth, parks, libraries and after school programs.

We are building new police and library facilities. I’m proud to say we are spending more on housing, infrastructure & strong neighborhoods as well. I have ushered in funding for downtown improvements and established the City’s first Arts Commission.

I see my role on the City Council as community service and nothing more. I am a family man and advocate for a strong city one neighbor at a time.

Salinas has a bright future. It just takes the right leadership. I’m prepared to offer my best skills to ensure safety, adequate housing and streets that don’t destroy your car.


Latest Campaign News

I am proud to throw my support for Salinas City Council behind Steve McShane. I have been lucky enough to meet Steve through my work with many community organizations and community events. Steve is the founder of the Salinas Valley Food and Wine Festival. The festival brings much needed traffic…
I am very carefully watching out for every dollar the City of Salinas Takes in and spends. This includes working hard to follow key recommendations to the city by outside groups including the Blue Ribbon Commission and Les White to deliver more efficient city services. This also includes supporting private…
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