As a 3 term City Councilmember, serving South Salinas, we provided opportunities to local small businesses. Police patrols and firefighter numbers were increased. I understand the great responsibility of disbursing the taxpayer’s money and always tried to put Salinas neighborhoods first. I am also proud of being one of the biggest supporters of the Salinas arts community.

I Stand With Steve

"I support McShane and I believe he has the best intentions for our community"


Our local economy is overarching and driven by agriculture and the hospitality industry. These trades are vital to Monterey County, and their health and growth are critical to our future.

In addition to the growth of these industries, innovation must also continue to move our local economy forward. Innovation will continue to raise job and career creation in Monterey County, and we should continue to be first in line to adopt new methods and ideas.


Salinas is fast becoming the world’s hub for agriculture and technology innovators.


The Tech and Agricultural industries have teamed up to generate innovations in the way the Salinas Valley helps feed the world –  From creating cost savings, increasing yields, and to making farming more efficient.

We can do the same for the Hospitality industry –partnering with tech companies will help continue to revolutionize experiences that will make Monterey County a one-of-a-kind destination.


As California and the world continue to battle the effects of Climate Change, we can strengthen our initiatives and align them with the four principal sectors of clean energy economy: renewable energy and alternative fuels (e.g. solar, wind, geothermal, & biofuels), green building and energy efficient technology, energy efficient infrastructure and transportation, and recycling and waste-to-energy. Continuing these innovations is what will lead to the jobs of the future – with fair pay, benefits and sustainability.

Listen to the experts:


They are a few ways to get involved, your support is very much appreciated.


Monterey County needs more affordable housing, not just for the first-time home buyers, but for the students, teachers, young professionals, and for those with growing families. However, development in Monterey County typically comes as a double-edged sword – with our open spaces and green lands being put at risk. We shouldn’t have to choose between either affordable housing or environmental protection. With smart planning, we can achieve both.


First, let’s cut the red tape and over regulations so that we can being more in-law and granny units into the rental market. These Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s) units can be built as an attachment to an existing home or garage or can exist entirely within the primary home. These units can serve as an additional source of income for homeowners and an affordable place to live.

Each community – Seaside, Marina, South Salinas – has its own needs. Each should dictate its own solutions to the need for affordable housing. The County can spur development of inventory for housing we need the most: very low, low and moderate housing by rolling back fees and waivers


We must join Santa Cruz County and implement an enhanced bonus density policy – allowing for even more affordable housing in our communities.


Listen to the experts and their ideas for Monterey County’s Affordable Housing:


The chronic and heartbreaking issue of homelessness is a statewide crisis that we must solve locally. Yes, adding new housing is a must – but that’s just the starting point.


In Salinas, funding has gone to programs known to work such as outreach to those on the streets, emergency shelters, homeless prevention, housing navigation, and rapid rehousing.


We brought on-line Moon Gate Plaza (88 affordable units of permanent supportive housing) and Hikari (49 affordable units of family housing). Salinas has approved development and operation of a new homeless shelter at East Laurel Drive and permanent supportive housing on Natividad Road – as well as continuing our temporary warming shelter.

The Salinas Police Department appointed a new Homeless Outreach Team (HOT) Officer who is actively working with homeless in Chinatown. Public Works continues its diligent cleanup of encampment areas that are overrun with trash and other sanitation challenges, in an effort to protect our waterways and ensure the safety of residents from diseases like Hepatitis A.


The City of Salinas has partnered with community groups to try and increase access to all homeless services, but we know we’re not doing enough. We must double our efforts. We must look to what is working in other cities. We must continue to be dedicated to curing this cancer in our communities.


Listen to the experts:


For twenty years now, California has invested in Early Childhood Education (ECE) – through its county First 5 programs. The funding for those programs is drying up – and Monterey County must make finding funding for successful Early Childhood Education a top priority.


California’s future depends on the well-being and education of its youth. And the evidence is compelling — for children to thrive, they need to be well supported from the beginning of life. Research in neuroscience has revealed that the very foundation of future development and learning is laid during the first five years of life.

California lags behind many states and developed countries in providing Early Childhood Education (ECE). In fact, in 2015–2016, 1 million California children qualified for subsidized ECE, but only one third of them received services. Stable funding for Early Childhood Education means universal preschool for 4-year-olds, a sliding scale to ensure affordable preschool for all 3-year-olds, and subsidized childcare on a sliding scale for infants and toddlers.


New ECE revenue will allow low-income parents to receive home visits from nurses and other professionals who can help identify delays in development, and access to resources that will help parents be the best first teachers to their children.


Listen to the experts:



Public safety engages neighbors and neighborhoods. I support a neighborhood-based grants program for the unincorporated areas of the County that have local people looking to improve their neighborhoods. I support modern policing based on a community orientation rather than a military-like orientation. I support cadet programs for police, fire, and code enforcement roles to spur the development of the next generation of women and men. I support the youth center as part of the Juvenile Hall / local Juvenile justice program.


I am a strong supporter of Monterey County Free Libraries. I see libraries as centers for learning and personal development.  I seek to enhance and expand library resources through joint development with our community colleges and school districts.


I successfully created an arts commission and public arts fund for the City of Salinas. I will bring the same commitment to the arts county-wide. Arts are the answer for youth involvement in the community. I am a supporter for public art. I want to put in place incentives for large and oversized public art along thoroughfares under County Control.


Monterey County has thousands of miles of roads.  We need to set up an ongoing percentage of our local budget, matched by a percentage of Measure X funds and efforts, to seek matching by the State and Feds to address troublesome roads and streets. I propose a separate fund. We can set up a special fund where targeted areas are prioritized with grant money and private support.


Fort Ord was shuttered with the compact that the re-use of the base would focus on a balance between jobs, housing, and environmental preservation.

Outside of success with CSUMB and thousands of single-family homes near / in Marina, there is still considerable work to be done.

I support the immediate dismantling of FORA and transition of land use and planning responsibilities to Marina, Del Rey Oaks, Seaside and Monterey County.  For the areas under the control of Monterey County, I recommend immediate incentives to convey structures/already developed property to developers to redevelop portions of the base in agreement with the County General Plan.


I oppose fracking and I seek to get Monterey County and our society on a renewable and non-petroleum-based energy source.  I've taken steps to do that personally (solar / EV) and as a policy maker (Air District / Monterey Bay Community Power).


The voters overwhelmingly passed a measure to take Cal Am under public control.

I support a fair study and fair / smooth transition.  I oppose any redevelopment of the Cemex plant on the coast and do not support the development of slant wells / desalinization by Cal Am.  We need a stable water source and a permanent solution should be developed by a public entity by either PWMD or MCWD.


I support a statewide ban on semi-automatic guns. I strongly believe background checks and a 48-hour waiting period to purchase a gun should be required always. Policies that apply to gun store owners should also apply to dealers. Generally speaking, times have changed since this country was founded and laws should reflect that.



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